Меня не существует
In the Ladonna entry it says that Arianna got pregnant with Par-Salian. [Probably a typo, it should be Ladonna instead, because it has been documented that Ladonna and Par-Salian were lovers once. DLA p. 111]

Due to his position, he has few opportunities for friendship, but admires and respects Par-Salian and Ladonna, the heads of the other two orders.

Ladonna (Mistress of the Black Robes) LE Human Female Wizard 17th Level

Str 9; Dex 18; Con 12; Int 18; Wis 16; Cha 18
AC 1 (robes, ring of protection +4, Dex); THAC0 15; hp 41
Residence: Palanthus; Ht 5'; Wt 115 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Spell

Ladonna has a sultry voice that many men find irresistable. She impresses all who meet her with her wit and charm. A woman of striking beauty, Ladonna refuses to use magic to hide her age. Underneath her seductive exterior, however, she is ruthless and utterly dedicated to her position. Ladonna routinely allows others to underestimate her. When conflicts arise, she crushes her enemies completely. She does not hesitate to use any means at her disposal, including assassination and murder, to deal with opposition to her power. The only person she fears is Raistlin. She knows that if he ever did challenge her for her position, he would not hesitate to kill her outright.

Ladonna was apprenticed as a teenager to Arianna -- a sorceress of the Black Robes who became Chief Overseer of the library in Wayreth's Tower of High Sorcery. This position allowed her to gain a wealth of knowledge from materials to which she might otherwise have been denied access. When Arianna died at the age of 50, Ladonna was elevated to her position. She thus assumed a seat on the conclave at the age of 30.

During this time, Arianna had a brief affair with Par-Salian. They had a daughter, of whom Par-Salian never knew. Ladonna sent the child tn trusted family in Palanthus to be raised, but the ship on which she sent the baby disappeared without a trace. Ladonna sometimes feels guilt over this loss and hopes that the child is alive somewhere.

Future Adventures: Ladonna spends most of her time at the Tower of Wayreth. Any PCs summoned there will most certainly meet her. She may occasionally hire people for purposes other than assassination and the party can have contact with her that way. Alternately, a third party may wish to hire the PCs to protect them from one of Ladonna's assassination attempts.